«…Beauty is a form of genius-is higher,
indeed, then genius, as it needs no explanation.
It is of the great facts of the world,
like sunlight, or springtime,
or the reflection in dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon.
It cannot be questioned.
Beauty is the wonder of wonders…»

Oscar Wilde.

and with Wilde`s very telling poem, in which I firmly believe he also had my favorite feline included, Rozental Cattery wish to welcome you, the visitors of this site.
These pages are devoted to the most exciting and unique breed, namely the Cats of Singapure; the Singapura — it`s a riddle, it`s passion for all life, it`s something secret…
I hope that after your visit here, you too, maybe, will feel closer to this surprising and exclusive breed, who without doubt has turned our little family into a world of warmth, happiness and gratitude. For life, for love and for the future.

My sincerely acknowledgements and thanks to the following who has been instrumental with developing my RozenTal Cattery and website:

— Mette Mjanger of Fagervoll Singapuras — trusting me her kitties, valuable advice and friendship.

— Anna Rudakova for comprehensive support, help and understanding.

— Natalia and Vladimir Zimin for consultation and help creating this site.

— My spouse Andrey for his loving support in ALL my doing.

Thank you so much and I love you all!

Catlover and proud owner of RozenTal Cattery,
Svetlana Rozental

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